Monday, May 21, 2007

Police Retrospective

Here's a quick retrospective of the last 10 months of many, but not all, Spokane Police news highlights.

Otto Fatality
In memory of poor Otto Zehm,
The official prognosis is grim,
If a plastic bottle’s enough,
To make cops get rough,
We all could end up like him!

Story here: Fatal Confrontation between Spokane Police and Otto Zehm

Barista Flasher
There’s a Spokane detective Mastel,
With a theory on wooing a belle,
You start acting silly,
Then whip out your willy,

But in practice it ain’t working well!

Story here: A public servant with backbone? Imagine that!

WSP Trick or Treat
In DUI’s there’s quite a chink,
For girls who both drive and drink,
‘Cause a young woman child,
Who’ll act Girls Gone Wild,
Can get herself off with a wink!

Story here: Charges against trooper detailed
and here: Trooper to lose vacation days

Firehouse Fiasco
Two detectives deleted the pics,

That showed a fireman gettin’ his kicks,
Now the girl claims she’s screwed,
And their all getting’ sued,
For the tricks with the pics by the Dicks!

Story here: No charges to be filed in firehouse sex case

Cowboy Cops
In Spokane the young calf came to grief,

Who crossed the fence for grazing relief,
Two cops used their taser,
And French Fried the grazer,
Now the calf’s just barbecued beef!

Story here: Judge reverses herself in calf tasering

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