Tuesday, April 17, 2007

29 Words is Pilloried!

The Controversial Limerick!

Serious comics are acceptable style,
Both political and critical while,
The limerick seems cursed,
As unsuitably versed,
If its’ topic is not juvenile!

Lest our history of prose be forgot,
Nursery rhymes are a serious lot,
Though “Ring Around the Rosies” is vague,
It evokes the Black Plague,
Mother Goose- She ought to be shot!

See story: here and here


gaw said...

A pox upon Hard 7's Frank,
He comes off as a real crank,
Who is he to say,
which condolences are ok,
and which ones just ain't.

(Sorry for the lame attempt at limickery, but I thought his gripe was totally without merit. If ever a limerick could carry a sensitive and respectful expression of caring, yours did.)

Andy Michaels said...

gaw- Thanks for the kind words of support and the "limerification" -you're a natural! "Aggie town in Texas" has to be College Station - are they still serving beer at the Dixie Chicken? Andy

gaw said...

Yeah, they're still serving beer (and an occasional minor.)