Thursday, April 5, 2007

Police Fatality-Jerome Alford

In Spokane the body count swells,
And police are slow with details,
But whatever is heard,
The cops have the last word,
'Cause dead men tell no tales!

Our cops are slow to release,
Details on those they decease,
It's this tight-lipped acclaim,
That has earned them the name,
Of the "Spokane Secret Police"!

Sergeant Torok shot a man who died,
-An act that is claimed justified,
But to retain public trust,
Full disclosure's a must,
-Unless there is something to hide!

Public service is a strange occupation,
When the call is for investigation,
'Cause the party suspected,
Is often corrected,
With an instant paid vacation!

Story here:
Death stuns family, friends
and here:
Police, sheriff 'on same page' after confusion


Mshelz said...

Jerome's death was very devastating to his family and friends. However, the picture that is posted here is a man with his son,,,OUR son!! I am the mother of Jerome's only child, Darian. I am disgusted of how and why he died. What you said in the article IS very true. I believe a crime WAS commited, not by Jerome but by Det. Torok. Initial contact according to what I have read was by the Officer, due to Jerome looking suspicious. What I read, Det. Torok grabbed Jerome's arm to stop him from walking away. Right there, is assult on the victim. However, Det. Torok was justified by HIS actions. HE was armed, not the apparent suspect. I am very sad for my son, he will never be able to know his father or who he was. That right was taken away from him. All anyone has are pictures. Jerome was not mentally ill, nor was he depressed. Just a man that loved to work and was down on his luck, just trying to get back on his feet again. The color of his skin, does not mean he's a suspect nor a uneducated transient that lived like an animal. He was a human being with feelings and a FAMILY!!! Our son in the picture was 4 months old at the time, now 4 yrs. old. He is starting to ask questions about his daddy. I believe an officer in pursuit of a suspect should shoot to disable, not shoot at two feet away, one shot, one bullet, TO KILL!!! But, Det. Torok although armed with a gun and baton, pepper spray and god knows what else,,never mind the training he has had in the academy,,was afraid for his life!!! Jerome had nothing, only 2 fists, 2 legs and a heart beat. This does not say much for the Officer, does it now?

Anonymous said...

i was one of jerome's girlfriends!
u need to contact me michelle!

Anonymous said...

This is Jerome Alford's sister Lashanda Alford.I have a lot to say,but I would get in trouble if I post it. I don't want a COP to come to my house like the one that murdered my brother who I love and miss everyday.

Joseph Muhammad said...

I prefer when Anonymous tells truth rather than lies.