Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Summer Phelps

In Memory of Summer Phelps

Though no parent has an excuse,
For a child that dies from abuse,
The fact that CPS,
Already had the address,
Should have been put to good use!

Once a young child did depend,
On CPS her life to defend,
And tho' her folks are arrested,
And the system's contested,
This Summer has come to an end.

Story here:
System under Scrutiny


stacy said...

This is wonderful! Tomorrow it will be 1 month since she has passed away. I went to the candlelight vigil and helped with a myspace page for her and i feel like she is apart of my family. Tomorrow, I am stopping by her home and dropping off a card and flower. Is it ok if i add this limmerick, I will add your name and where I got or I can just leave it blank.. its up to you. thank you again.. Stacy

Andy Michaels said...

Stacy, I'm glad you like this. Please use it as you wish. Andy

stacy said...

Thank you Andy... U are truly talented..