Monday, April 9, 2007

Spokane Medical Examiner

No Guts - No Story!
In Spokane we have Sally Aiken,

An ME who has heads a shakin',
'Cause though folks are persistent,
She's inquest resistant,
Seems forensics are all but forsaken!

A Hole in the System?
In Spokane if you're fatally shot,
The ME won't trouble a lot,
Just a shrug as it's said-
"There's a hole - this one's dead,"
Spokane CSI it is not!

Backed into a Coroner
Spokane's inquest process is crazy,
And the ME's motives are hazy,
Is the good Dr. Aiken,
Of purpose mistaken,
a bit squeamish - or simply lazy?

Story here: Medical Examiner: No Inquest
and here: Tucker won't push coroner inquest's

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