Sunday, April 1, 2007

On Limericks

Prince of Prose?
Of poetry the Limerick is prince,
For few forms of rhyme can condense,
Thought so reflective,
In space so effective,
It's Irish Haiku in a sense!

Water or Wine?
Twain was the first to opine,
That prose be water or wine,
So though Limericks be base,
As in water's case,
More drink base than fine!

Blue Verse
Some Limericks are cheerful and sunny,
While others are ribald and punny,
Though some are quite clean,
Most are obscene,
'Cause the clean ones seldom are funny!

"Blue Verse" was my attempt to re-draft an old Limerick
that I had heard years ago, but was unable to locate the
original version until recently. I'm partial to the updated
version versus the original below - but you be the judge.

The trouble with Limericks I've seen,
Though each to his own though I ween,
Be that as it may for my money,
The clean ones seldom are funny,
And the funny ones seldom are clean!


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