Monday, April 2, 2007

Pat Tillman Inquest

An American Hero
A hero thru and thru,
Pat Tillman's death we rue,
Now silent he lies,
As we're left to surmise,
His superiors were all lying too!

Military Press
Pat Tillman was welcome publicity,
'Til friendly fire with GI complicity,
Sent this brave football starter,
To his grave as a martyr,
And a symbol of Army duplicity!

Slogan, Army Slogan
Pat Tillman made a solemn decree,
And vowed to serve his country,
But it's a tragic war story,
This man destined for glory,
Will never be all he can be!

The Ranger Credo
Pat Tillman served the US with pride,
And though it's a shame how he died,
He yet was a Ranger,
And "No stranger to danger",
It's the cover-up he would have decried!

Story here:
Military:Errors made in Tillman's death

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