Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anna Nicole's Legacy

Stern Rebuke

The verdict has finally come in,
On who Pa-Pa'd Dannielynn,
'Twas Larry Birkhead,
who prevailed in bed,
Much to Howard's chagrin!

Story here: DNA Shows Larry Birkhead is Baby's Dad

Texas Hold-em

In the poker game called Dannielynn,
Each player was trying to win,
A paternity game,
For which no-one felt shame,
In admitting to being "all in"!

Three Stooges

Deadbeat Dad's would be very,
Rare if each child did carry,
A claim to the dough,
Dannielynn has in tow,
Just ask Howard, Fred, and Larry!

More here:

Will Anna Nicole find closure,
Now that her fate's decomposure?
Was it a drug that interred her?
Suicide - or murder?
Or death from over-exposure?

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