Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bishop asked to resign

Skylstad's proposal will make budgets tighter,
And the offering plates 30 Mil lighter,
And now the innocents say,
"Why should we have to pay?
Our Bishop should fall on his mitre!"

The faithful feel strong indignation,
And call for the prompt resignation,
Of the leaders who swept,
'neath the rug so adept,
behavior deserving damnation!

Story here: Bishop Skylstad asked to resign

Catholic frustration runs deep,
With leaders who forced them to keep,
Priests with predilections,
For unnatural affections,
And now are blaming the sheep!

The priests who abused the few,
Now fleece the sheep in the pew,
As the Spokane diocese,
Owes millions in fees,
For things the flock didn't do!

Seems Skylstad excels at the game,
Of shifting the finger of blame,
By saying guilty are "we"-
Which includes laity!
For years of sex abuse shame!

Quote: Office of the Bishop: "We are the perpetrators of the abuse. That "we" is the perceived community of bishops, priests, and laity, in communities over a 50-year period. You may not like being in that "we," but that is the way it is."

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KayNKansas said...

This limerick is exactly on target! Catholics everywhere are being abused spiritually, financially and emotionally for a problem Skylstad and his ilk created, mishandled and worse, denied.